Ten Questions to Ask the Vet at Your Pet’s Next Checkup

Ten Questions to Ask the Vet at Your Pet’s Next Checkup

Everyone in the family should have an annual wellness exam. It is an important part of staying healthy. This also goes for your family pet, especially your new puppy or kitten.

Your veterinarian can answer any questions you might have, so it is a good idea to come prepared for your pet’s exam with a list of key questions. It helps to take some time in the days prior to your visit to watch your pet and think of all the questions that have come to mind since your last appointment.

Remember to ask these key questions:

  • Is his weight healthy?
  • Is this the right food for her?
  • What exams should my pet have?
  • Does he need blood tests?
  • What about dental care?
  • Why is a rectal exam important?
  • What shots does she need?
  • Should I be concerned with this lump/bump/mark?
  • Is this behavior normal?

Your time with your veterinarian is when you can ask about any issues that you have noticed. Taking note of these things when you first see them is a great way to be prepared for your next visit to our vet hospital. Take advantage of your time with Dr. Hewitt to get all your questions answered.

Finally, ask our veterinarian’s staff to explain your bill. This helps keep you on the same page and ensure that you will come back for the checkups your pet needs to stay healthy.