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How to tell if your pet is overweight

Good news! Reports of how much weight people gain during the Holidays are often exaggerated. All that festive feasting, though, can make us feel like making some New Year’s resolutions. […]

Thinking outside the Dog

Thinking outside the Dog Pet care is for the birds. And snakes. And rodents. In fact, your veterinarian can treat most kinds of exotic animals. Of course, it’s just as […]

Importance of Vaccinations

Bring Your Puppy or Kitten in Are you springing for a new pet this season? It is a great time for new life and new friends. To make sure your puppy […]

There’s Nothing Routine about Having a Pet. Or is there?

Have your New Year’s resolutions lost their momentum? Do you even remember what they were? Not to worry, there’s always time to get a good routine going. Here are five […]

Love Your Pet

Love Your Pet Is your pet your Valentine? If yes, then read on. If that’s going a bit far, don’t worry, February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, so you […]

When Bad Breath Gets Worse

When Bad Breath Gets Worse As you probably know by now, dogs are not self-cleaning. They need a little help in that department. One area that often gets neglected, though, […]

What to Consider When Your Pet Needs Surgery

Orthopedic surgery can seem daunting. Worries about outcomes and health leave many pet owners in doubt about what to do. Here are a few thoughts to help with the process. […]

Make your pet feel at home for Christmas

Holiday travel means spending time with loved ones, creating memories, and making a lot of arrangements. Anyone who has traveled for the Holidays knows how chaotic it can be. Taking […]

Pet Treats…What to Look out for

Pet treats are widely used, and for good reason. Treats can be useful training tools, and pets typically like treats (and owners like to make their pets happy). But even […]

Parrot Playtime

Parrot Playtime Toys are essential to maintaining the physical and mental well-being of parrots large and small. Playthings help keep pet birds fit, while also fighting the boredom that can […]

Do I have to Vaccinate my Pet Annually?

In the U.S., vaccines are licensed based on the minimum duration they can be expected to last. It is expensive to test vaccines across an expanse of years so this […]

Sunscreen for Pets

Sunscreen, or sunblock, can  be used on cats and dogs. Pets with light skin and a short or thin hair coat are particularly prone to sunburn, skin cancer, and other […]