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Why Kitten Exams Are So Important

Few things in this world are as cute as kittens. Watching them move and play is a pure joy. You get to see them learn and grow, both physically and […]

How to Train Your Dog

The idea of training your dog might fill you with excitement or dread. You might have an old dog who could use a few new tricks, or perhaps a new […]

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

We are often told to spay or neuter our pets, and many of us do it routinely when we adopt new pets. This is a good thing, and knowing why […]

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Why Dental Health Is So Important for Your Dog Dental health is so important for your dog. It can be one of the most overlooked areas of pet care, but […]

How to Care for Your Senior Dog

Dogs make wonderful companions. The best type of companion is one who is with you for the long haul, through thick and thin. If your dog has been with you […]

What to Know When Adopting Chickens

As the cold winter months drag on, many of us start to think about spring and all the things we will be able to do. One of the most popular […]

How to Help Your Obese Dog

It’s that time of year again. We all feel our belts getting a bit tighter as we enjoy tasty holiday treats. Then when January comes, it will be time to […]

Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on the year that has passed and think about goals for the New Year. While New Year’s resolutions can be a […]

What to Know About Cancer in Pets

What to Know About Cancer in Pets
When we think about our pets’ health, we often think about proper diet and exercise. We might also think about wellness checks (good thinking!) and dental health. Things that can slip our minds include more serious health conditions that can affect our pets. For example, the prospect of a pet getting cancer can be unthinkable.

How to Keep Pets Safe During Feasts

The holidays are a great time of year. We enjoy family, festivities, and feasts. However, all those feasts and goodies can be dangerous, and not just for our waistlines. Many […]

Why You Should Get a Black Cat

Each year around Halloween, we see many of the same symbols. From witches and vampires to jack-o-lanterns, the symbols of the holiday are everywhere. One of those symbols is the […]

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Every September is National Preparedness Month, and if you have pets, that means making a plan for them too. If disaster strikes, it helps to have the supplies and action […]